Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes…

Gourmet Cupcakes:

Apple Pie – vanilla cake, apple filling, cinnamon buttercream frosting & apple crunch topping

Banana **– banana cake, molasses frosting

Black n Tan**– chocolate stout cake, whiskey filling, baileys buttercream frosting & chocolate shavings

Blueberry Cheesecake – Vanilla cake, blueberry filling, cream cheese frosting Bostonian Cream – vanilla cake, Bavarian cream filling, dipped in chocolate ganuche

Buckeye – chocolate cake, peanut butter mousse, chocolate frosting & peanut butter Brownie Cookie Dough- brownie cupcake topped with a scoop of cookie dough

Cannoli** – vanilla cake, cannoli filling, dipped in orange chocolate  ganache,  Swiss buttercream frosting, mini chocolate chips & pistachios.

Caramel Nutella – vanilla cake, Nutella filling, caramel frosting & chocolate shavings.

Carrot Cake – with maple cream cheese frosting or buttercream frosting

Chocolate D’orange – chocolate cake, cream filling and chocolate orange buttercream

Chocolate Peppermint –chocolate cake, peppermint filling, chocolate frosting & peppermint patty

Chocolate Raspberry – chocolate cake, raspberry filling, chocolate frosting, mini chips & raspberry drizzle

Coconut Cream ** – coconut cake, coconut cream frosting, toasted coconut topping

French Toast n Bacon **– French toast cake, maple frosting, bacon topping.

German Chocolate ** – chocolate cake, German chocolate frosting (contains nuts)

Hummingbird ** – banana cake with pineapple, coconut & pecans, cream cheese frosting

Key Lime Margarita** – graham cracker crust bottom, vanilla cake, key lime filling, key lime frosting & lime wedge with salt or sugar

Lime n d Coconut – vanilla cake, lime curd filling, coconut frosting.

Mississippi Mud – brownie cupcake, pecans, marshmallows, caramel & chocolate ganache

Mounds – chocolate cake, coconut filling, chocolate frosting & coconut topping.

OREO – chocolate cake, cream filling, Oreo frosting & mini Oreo.

Peanut Butter Cup **– peanut butter cupcake, chocolate peanut butter cream cheese frosting & chocolate shavings, peanut butter cup

Pecan Tasti – brown sugar cake, caramel & pecan filling, brown sugar frosting & caramel drizzle, pecan pieces

Pina Colatta **– pineapple cake, pineapple filling, coconut rum frosting & cherry drizzle

Pumpkin** – pumpkin cake, either maple, cream cheese or butter finger frosting.

Raspberry Cheesecake – vanilla cake, cream cheese filling, raspberry frosting & raspberry drizzle

Raspberry Lemonade – vanilla cake, raspberry filling, lemon frosting & raspberry drizzle

Red Velvet – red velvet cupcake filled & frosted with cream cheese frosting.

S’mores** – graham cracker cake, chocolate ganache, fresh marshmallow frosting & graham cracker topping with a marshmallow

Snickers – chocolate cake, caramel peanut filling, marshmallow peanut butter frosting & chopped peanuts, mini snickers candy topping

Strawberry Cheesecake – vanilla cake, strawberry filling, cream cheese frosting

White Chocolate Peppermint – vanilla cake, peppermint filling, white chocolate frosting & white chocolate shavings

White Chocolate Raspberry – vanilla cake, raspberry filling, white chocolate frosting & raspberry drizzle, white chocolate shavings topping

**Minimum of 12 Minimum order is 1 dozen.

Super Size Cupcake

Starts at $25.00 (serves 10-15 people)

Classic Flavors:

Vanilla cake or Chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and sprinkles

Kids Characters:

Elmo Cookie Monster Princess

Gluten Free

Gluten Free are available by special order – (Minimum of 12 each) Most flavors can be Gluten Free. Inquire about exceptions. Orders must be placed at least 1 week in advance. For large orders (more than 3 dozen) and special events please give us sufficient notice. For any questions send us an email at or call 413-324-1004. Orders larger than 3 dozen may require a deposit.